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The importance of the virtual check-in.

It’s more important than ever in these times to create connection and rapport with your people.

With Covid-19 we are now living in a world of remote working, we lead and manage our teams without face to face interaction.

We rely on the camera or voice coming through the speakers to pick up on emotional cues. The challenge of the mute/unmute, poor internet connection and constant need to look at yourself in meetings breaks the rapport and connection we need to engage with our teams.

We need to create time to have the virtual coffee.

Having quality time with your team as a weekly check-in for 30mins with no formal agenda but a chance to chat and share what is going on with each other, really helps with everyone feeling supported.

Equally important is having individual time with each of your team, one on one. Sometimes it’s just a quick 15mins to share, offload and feel supported.

This will help manage remote performance and unlock the productivity of your team in these challenging times.


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