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Tell the story of your change

The most important thing when introducing change into your business is to make sure your people understand the reason for the change and how it will make life better for them and your customers.

Your team, stakeholders and clients need to understand the story of your change. They need to understand why and be able to emotionally connect with the change in order to make it happen, to take action.

Your job as the agent of change is to create a story that resonates with your people so that they are inspired and can fan the spark of belief within themselves and their colleagues. You need to be able to deliver the story with passion, conviction and connection so that you create an audience of evangelists, that can go out into the world and make your vision a reality.

Before you communicate the next change process for your business, spend dedicated time crafting the story for the change. This is your rocket fuel that will supercharge the delivery of change and make it sustainable so you can realise the benefits.

*Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

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