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Inspire yourself each day.

Whatever you do each day, running a business, working for a company, looking after your family - there are times when you feel the struggle to keep going.

Motivation is non-existent, and every task seems like a challenge. You are stuck and cannot move forward to bring your dreams to life. The grand plan you created yesterday to push forward on your goals is a pale shadow of the energy and excitement you felt at being alive.

The biggest thing you can do for yourself each day is to find that spark of joy.

The one thing that brings you the happiness and focus to keep going each day. To overcome the struggle of the day and surf the wave of well-being, meaning, and purpose - doing what you were born to do. How do you do this? You have to guard the precious moments of each day when you wake. You have to harness the potential that each day offers you by building a routine, a daily energising process that inspires you.

This is the one thing that lights the fire in your soul to start creating and serving others. Read or listen to inspiring talks, podcasts, articles, presentations and interviews. They can be on the field you work or create in, or totally unrelated. Hearing how people overcame their challenges, succeeded like you are trying to do can be motivating.

Don’t reach for the phone and read the news, reach for the phone and read something that uplifts you. When you go for that quick walk to clear your head pop on the podcast that provides new insights on how you could do more, differently or better.

Continually offer a feed of motivation and inspiration to yourself throughout the day.

Doing this will push you through the occasional lapses of tiredness, boredom and apathy. Sometimes it is not about feeding in the information to learn and grow but about doing what you enjoy - reading, watching, surfing, cooking, walking, sleeping or simply being. Each day you have to balance absorbing information vs. feeling centred, happy and satisfied with yourself and the work that you are doing.

You have to start with yourself, uplift your being so you can uplift others through what you create.

Create a process that inspires you when you start your day so you can do your best. A technique you can access when you have to go deeper, work harder and find the grit to power through. That is available throughout the day for you to feel motivated. Or it could be an activity done first when you wake up and start facing into work.

Take action to inspire yourself, light the soul fire, access your greatness.


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