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Reset, restart and keep going.

Sometimes we start on our journey with excitement and passion for what we want to do. The future looks brights and we feel inspired, we are in the zone and making something great. Then the normal work week and daily life challenges set in. It feels hard and difficult to chase down and get back in the zone again. We lose that sense of clarity and purpose in what we wanted to do.

So how do get back to that place that felt wonderful and how are you going to conquer the world with You Inc?

By following routine and process.

By starting to do the work.

By starting and finishing the task

By starting and finishing that tweet.

By completing that blog.

By designing that presentation.

You have to constantly fight the pull of your life around you, the things that are much easier to do rather than sit down and pursue your craft, create and put forth out into the world.

You need to grab every minute, every moment that the hand starts to creep towards your phone to lose yourself in the sweet black hole of the mindless, zombie like scrolling of the newsfeed. Down that path lies the dark side! The mindless numbing of your brain that you think is the antidote to your stress but is on fact the way to suppress the energy of your being and the shrouding the light of your soul.

So instead reach for your laptop or your computer and sit. Focus. Create and unleash the natural power of You that is waiting to be seen and acknowledged by the world!

Take one step, carry out the one action, follow it with the next - even if you have to do it in a cold, passionless way. Within a few minutes you will start to be drawn into the process of what you are doing, time will pause and you will be lost in the sea of creativity, giving life to your purpose and uplifting the world with what you create and share.

It does not matter that a whole week has gone by and you have not thought, created and pushed forward in the direction of your destiny. It does not matter that the fire of your dreams is now ice frozen. All that matters is that you have the thought, the inkling of once again moving in the direction that feels right and uplifts you in every moment.

Now is forgiveness for the past inaction if you step forward with action, execution, doing and creation.

Reach out, own that minute, live your purpose and dwell in happiness.


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