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Your phone is your portfolio!

Your smartphone is a mobile device, always at hand, crystal clear, the high-quality portfolio that can showcase your best work.

You never know where your next client is going to come from, how a casual conversation can turn into a business discussion.

Having your best work available on your mobile is a great way to engage with people about the work that you do and showcase your talents. 

I use PowerPoint and Keynote iOS apps on my phone to store my best examples of work. That way I can show a client the work that I can do. These apps can also be put in slideshow mode, making the best use of the whole screen, allowing the client to swipe across from slide to slide. When the client interacts with your work you in this way, it makes the initial meeting or chance conversation into an interactive and collaborative process. Working with clients in this way allows for a deeper connection and an immersive experience for them - opening them up to the art of the possible whenever, wherever opportunity presents.

Photo by LeBuzz from Unsplash.

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