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Do something different.

Trying something new in your workflow when creating can lead to something great.

The way your thought process works will change. The way you start to make connections with ideas will change. More importantly, what you thought was possible will change. New horizons will open up before you. You will see new ways of combining things. Something magical happens to you. You are changed and capable of doing something wondrous.

But this is the result of doing. You have to take action, do stuff, experiment, and try different things in what you create and produce. Only then will new pathways emerge for you to travel along to something unique. Every day we have to try something new. We have to push ourselves to learn, experiment, and change our brains' neural pathways to open the door to destiny.

New horizons will open up before you.

When this happens, it can unleash the creative energy that nourishes you through the day, feeding your desire to execute and do more. You are more willing to try new things and combine ideas, thoughts and concepts in different ways. Doing something new each day can be a way of having creativity on tap, reaching the state of flow - where work, execution and completion are effortless.

The cost of doing something new in the work that most of us do each day, creating the virtual to add value to the physical, has a zero cost of failure. It does not cost us anything to try. If we try something and it does not work, we can trash and start again. It has not cost us anything apart from our time and energy.

Every day we have to try something new.

We need to do something that will jar us out of our mundane routine each day into a way of thinking that pushes us to a higher level in what we can achieve. We need to disrupt our thinking, open ourselves to the art of the impossible and push to achieve something that is truly remarkable. Each and every one of us on this planet is capable of contributing their uniqueness to make things better - for everyone.

You and only you can identify which thing, action or process will disrupt your thinking everyday and expose you to a new way of executing. It may be an article, a book, a podcast, a presentation or a video that you watch. It can even be the walk that you take by a different route each day. Find that thing. Pursue the different relentlessly so that you never feel comfortable with the same. Make friends with uncertainty and take comfort in the fear of different.

Do it Now, try the Different, New, Unknown - something Amazing awaits you.


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