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Break free from the chains of your laptop

When people deliver presentations they stand near their laptop, controlling the slides by using the arrow keys. People sometimes choose to have a colleague controlling the laptop for them, indicating with a nod or a word to move onto the next slide.

This inhibits the speakers natural flow and causes unnatural breaks in the delivery of the presentation. The person clicking the slides for you may not know you wanted to linger on that slide for a dramatic pause. Or you may be in full flow at the front of the room and then have to break your connection with the audience to move back to the laptop.

The answer is a clicker - the device that allows you to control the speed and flow of your slides in natural harmony with the rhythm of your verbal delivery. You can walk to anywhere in your room, you can maintain eye contact with the audience and not have to look at the screen or laptop to make sure your on the right slide.

Using a clicker gives you complete control, you can quickly click back to a slide to make a point or fade out the screen to black when you want the audience to focus on only you. Clickers also have a laser pointer to allow the audience to focus on a particular point on a slide.

It is your responsibility to deliver the best possible presentation experience for your audience. Invest in a clicker and always be ready to deliver a natural flow of slides helping you to deliver the best experience for your audience.

Photo by Product School on Unsplash

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